Development Management

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Bringing large and complex capital projects to a positive conclusion entails many challenges.

New build capital projects require varying degrees of development management including planning, construction, fitting and close-outs. Regardless of size, all construction works require detailed planning from concept and design to feasibility studies and budgeting. In addition, development projects entail many elements that require development experts to manage activities related to city permits, engineering, vendor procurement, vendor pricing, vendor selection, and coordination, quality control and management. Businesses who have undertaken even the smallest of development initiatives understand the challenges related to design changes, contractor change orders, and the management and coordination of many moving parts towards a single end goal.

Kelmic provides leading practices that help you navigate these challenges and enhance the value of your investment. Our development management capabilities blend financial, engineering, operational, and technical experience to deliver on the most complex projects. Our focused, hands-on project managers and experts apply specialist knowledge to help you assemble the right project team and coordinate all elements to help you realize your concepts and drive your project to a successful completion. Kelmic has experience in managing a wide range and size of development projects from design to construction of new facilities and residential, commercial, and mixed-use real estate developments.




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