What type of services does Kelmic provide?

Kelmic offers a variety of Management Consulting and Project Management services applicable to an array of industries. In general, our projects fit into two broad categories namely: management of capital projects and business consulting engagements.


Does Kelmic guarantee a minimum return?

A constant theme of all our projects is that they deliver measurable benefits and real returns to our clients that significantly exceed our fees. Our track record across all of our projects demonstrate a minimum ROI of 3:1. In some cases we have delivered projects with ROIs in excess of 17:1. If we do not identify an opportunity to create value we will not take on any work.


What type of project management services does Kelmic offer?

Our project management staff are experts at commercial and industrial facility planning, construction and relocation with an outstanding track record of driving fast-tracked projects. We have assisted many businesses with complex equipment relocations and facility expansions, warehouse improvements and space optimization and new facility establishment while reducing project costs considerably. Examples of project managements services include:


What type of management consulting and business advisory services does Kelmic offer?

Our consulting staff are highly skilled at designing and implementing management operating systems, process improvement programs and enhancing productivity. Examples of consulting and advisory services include:


Do your fees include any hidden mark-ups?

Our fees are based on the value delivered not the cost of the project. All project contracts are set-up directly between clients and the vendors. Kelmic seamlessly manages this process. This avoids unnecessary and hidden mark-ups and allows on-going warranties and after project relationships, such as services and parts, to continue directly with the vendor. Since our fees are not directly linked to the cost of the project elements, we always strive for the optimal solution and are incentivised to reduce the overall project cost.


Are your fees recovered from benefits and reduced project costs?

All our projects deliver benefits that allow our clients to more than recover Kelmic’s fees. Usually these benefits are many multiples of our fees. A recent warehouse project returned more than 30x our fees in real estate savings. A facility consolidation achieved a project payback of less than 11 months. A warehouse relocation generated savings of more than $1 million per year in operating costs reduction after repaying the cost of the racking and equipment. These results are not unusual and are what makes Kelmic one of the best investments you can make.


Why do I need a consultant or project manager?

Projects are typically complicated, entail substantial investments and require a dedicated set of specialized skills to ensure success. These skill sets are not typically found within organizations where staff are hired to fulfill the needs of the core business and these skills are usually different from those needed to successfully conceive and design an optimal solution and manage a project through to completion. Also, most businesses do not have senior staff with the capacity to dedicate 100% of their time to a project. Part-time focus almost always results in delays, errors and minimal accountability and ownership. These can be very costly.

Kelmic’s team is focused on delivering the scope of the project. You retain control of all decisions but can leave the day-to-day activities to Kelmic to coordinate and manage for you, assuring you of the best solution. Our design team are experts at conceiving innovative solutions that will reduce the cost of your project and deliver more for less. You retain a single point of contact throughout the project and don’t have to deal with multiple vendors and sort through differing specifications that don’t directly compare.


Don’t consultants and project managers simply add cost to a project?

All Kelmic’s projects result in significant net savings for our clients well in excess of our fees. The solutions we bring are innovative. Our staff’s attention and focus along with their specialized skill sets ensures that an investment in having Kelmic assist you with your project will be one of the best decisions you will make. Our services are generally structured to take away tasks that are often allocated to non-experts or the wrong resources. We do these more efficiently and more effectively. This reduces the cost of executing these tasks and usually results in similar or lower overall project professional costs. Kelmic will undertake design and layout in-house and only then engage architects and engineers to complete the detailed design and working drawings. This dramatically reduces their up-front costs as their involvement in the conceptual and preliminary design stages is minimized or not needed at all. Mark-ups on specialist vendors that typically are passed through general contractors with little value added are removed.


Can I not simply engage an architect or a contractor?

Architects and engineers design. Contractors build. These are necessary capabilities essential for any construction project but these groups do not have the skill sets needed to manage a project from end to end or to drive the project from your business strategy perspective. Project management is the coordination of these diverse types of services to deliver the best solution. Kelmic uses all these skills as needed in any project, deploying them when and where they add the most value. Coordination of these groups requires focus and understanding of how they operate and what they do best and an ability to talk their language.


Your own professional team or ours?

Kelmic will manage the full project professional team. We are not associated with any specific vendors, allowing us to use the best in class professionals for each segment of the project. We can also work with your own teams or hybrid teams that utilize in-house expertise and reduce external costs.


How does Kelmic view projects from a business perspective?

Kelmic’s strong business consulting heritage ensures that we view projects from a holistic business perspective. Hence key business drivers shape project decisions and project outcomes are structured to deliver your business objectives.


Do your innovative, smart solutions deliver real benefits?

Kelmic both designs and manages the implementation of practical solutions for your business delivering real benefits, not just reports or recommendations. Kelmic conceives innovative solutions and ideas to address your real business challenges, grounded in reality and based on practical experience and knowledge.


How can Kelmic help provide a third party, outside perspective?

One of the most significant challenges in business is an unwillingness to explore new options. People that have been in a specific operating environment for a long period often believe they know the best solution without exploring all options. Things are done that way because they have always been done that way, not because they should be. Kelmic brings a fresh, cross-functional, cross-industry, international perspective without preconceived ideas of what “the best way” is.


How can Kelmic provide a cohesive perspective?

Kelmic is not a provider of a singular solution. Unlike a contractor with a desire to sell a new build, or a realtor who may want to push an existing property, Kelmic will assist you with determining the best alternative for your business. Projects involve several complex elements that all interplay. Consulting with vendors generally leads to product specific solutions. Kelmic looks at all project elements to ensure the overall solution is optimized. Asking a racking provider to design a warehouse loses sight of the critical interplay with lift equipment and the cost of facility changes. The best solution may require procurement from multiple vendors, with each supplying the best suited product for the business requirements.


Is Kelmic associated with a specific product or vendor?

Kelmic is not associated with any specific brand or product and we do not have a “one size fits all” solution. All solutions are custom-designed and work for specific a client and their business needs.


Once engaged on a project, does Kelmic ensure dedicated expertise and focus?

Projects require specific expertise and dedicated focus to be successful. For most businesses, these required skill-sets are not readily available in-house. Projects also require dedicated focus and significant time to ensure they proceed without challenges. Does your business have the resources to dedicate to this project with the correct skill-sets to ensure success? Even small mistakes throughout the project can compound to significant costs in terms of money, quality and time.


Does Kelmic offer a single point of contact?

Engaging Kelmic ensures a single point of contact throughout the project acting in your best interests to deliver all elements of the project. Kelmic removes the stress of manning numerous individuals working on business issues while trying to complete a project. Our expert consultants are fully engaged and involved throughout your entire project, and particularly during the solution conceptualization and initial project design phases.


Does Kelmic offer end-to-end service capabilities?

Kelmic is unique in offering a full end-to-end service from project concept through design and construction to fit-out and start-up. We can assist with any phase or undertake the whole project for you.


Do you take on projects of all sizes?

Kelmic’s projects range from small tenant improvements or equipment installs to larger full facility builds or relocations.


Does Kelmic ensure design continuity for its projects?

By having Kelmic manage and coordinate the professional team, the conceptual design – with all of the core factors that drive the selection of the proposed solution – remains intact throughout the detailed design process. Critical elements such as column locations to avoid clashes with racking layouts or clear height requirements can significantly improve a facility’s density and reduce square footage requirements resulting in significant, on-going savings in real estate costs.


Why would I need Kelmic when my racking vendor says he can do the warehouse racking design for free?

There is a difference between design or layout and the engineering of racks. One of Kelmic’s specialities is the design of warehousing facilities. This includes the delicate interplay-of all factors that must be considered when undertaking a warehouse design, such as:


Racking vendors will not consider all these elements. Layouts will include only their preferred or offered solutions. Even racking suppliers that also offer or partner with lift equipment suppliers will design around their partner’s or division’s proprietary solutions which may not offer you the best solution or cost. At Kelmic we are not aligned with any specific solution of vendor. We develop the optimal design across multiple suppliers ensuring that you get the best implementation tailored to your needs. We also handle all the ancillary issues related to a warehouse racking or re-racking project such as lighting moves and fire sprinkler additions.

Free designs are usually rapidly turned out and typically comprise of generic layouts used to secure business with the vendor. Often these can cost significantly in sub-optimal layouts, reduced product density, poor picking operations or double handling, and general reduced facility efficiencies that impact a business’s bottom line significantly more than any design cost and continue.


Do you have specific expertise in warehouse design and increasing density?

Our team’s extensive experience in warehouse design and increasing efficiency & warehouse density has allowed us to reduce footprints from over 120,000 sq ft to less than 45,000 sq ft without compromising efficiency of storage space and to accommodate over 3,800 pallet locations in less than 33,000 sq ft using conventional lift equipment. With real estate forming a large part of fixed costs, these savings represent huge benefits for clients.


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