Inventory Optimization

Make your working capital work for you

Inventory optimization holds the potential for considerable profit improvements, not just maximizing working capital.

Inventory-related process improvements can significantly increase inventory turns, reduce out-of-stock items through product allocation changes, and, consequently, lead to increased sales. Better fill-rates and enhanced customer-service levels can drive customer satisfaction and, ultimately, customer advocacy. Lower inventories can free up working capital for use elsewhere to both strengthen balance sheets and enhance operational performance. Leading businesses apply a structured approach to inventory optimization that helps them maintain high service levels while reducing variable costs. Yet, determining the right inventory levels across the supply chain has never been easy.

At Kelmic, our integrated approach to inventory optimization enables our clients to balance the needs of their customers with the goals of their companies. We have the functional expertise and practical knowledge for undertaking large, complex inventory optimization engagements across several industries. Our expert consultants have the tools and techniques and apply industry best practices to ensure you have the right inventories in the right place, at the right time. We can help you identify opportunities for improvement, develop businesses cases, create roadmaps for future states, outline detailed action plans, and work with your people to implement and deliver a bespoke inventory optimization solution.




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