Location Analytics & Site Sourcing

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Site selection is becoming an increasingly complex process and a cornerstone for sustained value creation.

Location decisions are coming into play more often than ever due to the dynamics of the rapidly changing markets and the need for businesses to realign their strategies to new realities. Companies with significant investments in capital projects & infrastructure assets rely heavily on making the ‘right’ decisions for the viability of new initiatives.

Kelmic deploys proprietary methods and expertise to help major organizations make the right decisions when it comes to site selection. Our expert consultants leverage rigorous location analytics to provide powerful insights that shape location strategies in capital projects & infrastructure intensive industries. Our location analytics & site sourcing practice is designed to help see you through your location decisions to deliver a tailored end-to-end solution. We provide complete support, including, representation, contract negotiation, and other critical matters that meet your real estate needs and help you maximize your return on investment.




Explore how Kelmic has helped clients turn their site sourcing activities into opportunities for realizing significant savings and for maximizing the overall benefits for their businesses


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