Business Transition & Move Management

Seamless end-to-end relocation solutions

Managing large and complex business transitions can be a daunting experience for many organizations.

Businesses looking to relocate, expand, or modify their existing facilities must factor in the costs of business disruptions, downtime, and well-being of their employees to the physical monetary costs of their projects. This becomes especially important for capital projects and infrastructure-intensive businesses with more complex needs arising from large facilities, plants, and fixed equipment.

At Kelmic, we lend our proven methods, expertise, and project management capabilities to help major organizations, looking for a smooth transition, get up and running with minimal interruption. From relocating food production and packaging equipment to re-racking critical-spares warehouses under 24/7 operating conditions, Kelmic has the expertise to ensure your facility expansion or relocation project is a success. We know that responsible planning is key and we apply timely control measures and effective communication to mitigate risks, eliminate downtime, maintain employee engagement, and reduce costs of your transition. Whether you are looking for cross-border relocations, facility expansion, redesign and retrofits, or facilities consolidation, our expert consultants can also help you realize significant operational and real estate cost savings.




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